An Efficient Implementation Of Digital Signature Soon

Nepal Certifying Company organized An Interaction Program on Digital Signature & Creating PKI Enabled Application on 5th May 2017 at Trade Tower Thapathali, Kathmandu. An Interaction program was focused on the possible ways to promote the usage of Digital Signature in Nepal. Mr. Purushottam Ghimire, MD of Nepal Certifying Company welcomed the Guests, Chief Guest & all participated in the Interaction Program and highlights the objectives and importance on it.

Member, National Planning Commission, Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha said, “Automation of our systems/procedures and delivery channels is our top priority and deployment of Digital Signature will reduce the threats of any organizations or customers might face while using digital delivery channels. I am sure that implementing DSC will help us to move forward more securely. It will be used and highlights are coming policy and budget speech of the government.

Ganesh Shah, Former Minister, MOEST  said, he is hoping that DSC not only helps them to secure their data but also helps to save their time, increase their productivity and mostly reinforce “Brand Image” in terms of advanced technologies and fight against fraud to improve customer service.  Ultimately, it saves time, money and environment through reduce to use if large paperwork.

The Interaction program was more centered on making and handling “Electronic Governance” (eGov) secure and credible without any repudiation. The program showcased the benefits that DSC brings to any company which is much higher for accomplishing their daily transaction as well as making a secure payment system online.

Mr. Biplav man Singh, Chairman of NCC presented about digital signature. He concentrated his talk on the implementation and benefits of DSC Mr. Pawan Saini, Expert from eMudhra India gave a technical briefing about how Digital Signature can be used in the different application as well as encryption.

Nepal Certifying Company has been managing the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) issued by Radiant Info Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd the Issuing Certifying Authority (CA) in Nepal. It has been working towards implementing Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) all over the country and replacing paper-based activities.

Likewise, Chairman of Issuing Certifying Authority Radiant Info Tech Nepal Mr. Bhaskar Bhandari gave the vote of thanks.


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