The most famous Microsoft’s Windows 10 is publicizing yesterday. Microsoft is providing update of Windows 10 Operating System to its customers world-wide. The customer who are the member of Microsoft’s “insider” will get this this update first.

Before 5 months, Microsoft America organized a press event in Washington and told about its new features and importance. The features of Windows 10 are as follows:

Free Windows 10 update

The users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will get free update of Windows 10 for 1 year. Windows will come with the specialty of amusing task bar and start menu, it can be fitted to whole screen. In its Build there is action button, in which there is notification bar at right side. At that side, there is also your favorite app’s shortcut and setting as well.


Cortana is the voice assistant brought by Microsoft Windows 10. The answers of the question you want to know like weather, Flight tracking and about other places can be get. Likewise, with voice search you can check email, search applications and other works like “Play My Music” and then you can listen to songs.

Windows 20 in Mobile

To make their operating system applicable to all the platforms, Microsoft has shown how Windows 10 is in the smartphones and small tablets below 8 inch. For mobile phones windows 10 came in last February.

Apps of Windows 10 will be same in PC and Mobile

Now in mobile and PC windows 10 will work in a same way. To make the experience same through worldwide, Microsoft has revised its app.


Microsoft has introduced its new browser “Spartan” which they were waiting to launch since a long period of time. This browser is to challenge the Google Chrome browser. The users can read the documents kept by the browser as an offline page lately by saving it.

Windows 10 has got X-box app

X-box app which is in windows 10 let you to voice chat and send instant messages to games in X-box live. Video clips can be shred as in Instagram.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft has launched Microsoft surface hub having 4K display for the business proposal. Windows 10 based real big shaped this tablet can do show-case presentation, Skype calls and can also be written the same way we write in white board.

Windows is Hollow Graphic and Hollow lens

To make windows 10 more reliable and effective, windows hollow graphic was developed. There is a belief that this new feature will lead windows 10 to another height. With this new technology, hollow gram can be kept in the apps which can be seen by the special lens of Microsoft named as “Microsoft hollow lens”. This hollow lens can recognize and understand the user’s action, voice and places. Making own Hollow gram and 3D things, it can be printed through Hollow Studio.