Huawei Appgallery Game Fest 2020

25 December 2019, Kathmandu

Huawei App Gallery, in collaboration with the Telecommunication Company, Ncell Pvt. Ltd. is organizing a massive game fest, Ncell Huawei App-gallery Game Fest 2020. The mega festival is scheduled on December 28th, 2019 as a sign off to 2019. Hotel de’ Annapurna, Durbarmarg will be hosting the game fest. The organizers hope to provide a better interactive platform to their customers and gamers. Huawei App gallery is more concerned about the experiences of its end-users and thus will be hosting similar events in the popular cities of Nepal.

To take part in the Ncell Huawei App-gallery Game Fest 2020 you’ll need to fill up a pre-register at this link. Users must subscribe to App Gallery 3-days renew VIP for just Rs. 15.32. Subscribers will receive Ncell recharge cards upon arrival. You can only subscribe via Ncell Sim Cards. Only active VIP users will be qualified for the final round. Besides PUBG, other games must be downloaded from the Huawei App Gallery. The App Gallery is available only for android users since it’s not supported on the iOS platform.

The participants must have subscribed to the VIP package using a Ncell sim. They can stop the subscription by sending STOP to 17142. The gamers need to be present at the venue, meaning that this is not an online competition. The various VIP packages that the participants can choose from are:

  • Daily One Time: Rs. 10
  • 3 Days One Time: Rs.15.32
  • Weekly One Time: Rs.19.15
  • Monthly One Time: Rs.63.85
  • 3 Days Renew: Rs.15.32
  • Weekly Renew: Rs.19.15
  • Monthly Renew: Rs.63.85


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