The new iPhone 6 and six plus hit the store with dozens of people. A robot was queuing in Sydney to kick off global sales which will scrutinize the sign of juicy Apple Inc’s marquee products left. Apple fans brave the rain to buy iPhone 6s The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit stores with dozens of people, robot and queuing.

It is expected to analysts Twelve million to Thirteen million users from the first weekend. The new iPhone 6’s was launched delay in China which is the world largest smartphone market.

The new iPhone 6s was operated by marketing executive in telepresence robot.

Lucky Kelly said that she worked hard to attend many other things which can’t spend two days lining for my boss for advanced work which can be taken as one of the robots to use it I my place.

I always want a new gadget with a new amazing camera.

Fans from Sydney to London camped out for prior days to release.

Apple flagship generated two-thirds of the US revenue in the latest quarter. Apple released its best selling device. Apple enlarges the iPhone screen. It also has added mobile payment: the iPhone 6s and six plus.