Apple iPhone 11 Series Ships With A Security Flaw: Here Are The Details

Security vulnerabilities of Apple Iphone Os

22 September, Kathmandu

Only a few days have passed since brand-new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max have been released, and security researchers have already detected some flaws in the devices.

A security expert, Jose Rodriguez, says that he found a Zero-Day Exploit in the recently launched iPhone Series. What’s more interesting is the devices are still waiting to be launched in a few places. Jose stated via a tweet that an active attacker could use a specific bug in the machines and the OS platform iOS 13 to bypass the lock security and thereby access the phone’s contact information. He even released a video showing how a device can be a cracker.

Rodriguez tweeted, “With No Enter the Passcode you can See Contacts info. Will Apple change this feature before the release of iOS 13?”

The company may fix the bug in the iOS 13.1 update which might be released soon due to the detected flaw. Official bounty for identifying the security flaw hasn’t been announced yet.

Likewise, a Google Project Zero researcher found that iPhone could be used as a tool for security surveillance and could expose critical information of the user such as contacts, locations, chat history, photos, emails, and passwords.

Ian Beer, a security expert, says that some flaws in iPhone 11 series could allow sure attackers to set monitoring implants on the device. According to him, fourteen faults have been discovered in iPhone devices within the past two years.

Ian Beer said that a few websites were enough to gather the user’s information. Any user who visited some hacked sites were prone to attacks on their messages, contacts, location information, and photos. Apple acknowledged Google findings and said that they’d fixed the bug after a software update in February 2019.


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