The Algorithm Is Female Technology Has No Gender, Let's Learn To Code
The Algorithm Is Female Technology Has No Gender, Let's Learn To Code

22 September, Kathmandu

Code Rush, with help from Hemper (under the guidance of Iron Hack, Madrid, Spain) is organizing ‘The Algorithm is Female.’ The event is a leading global hackathon with women being the crux of the hackathon. It is happening in Nepal for the first time and will provide a platform for developers, designers, and similar tech-enthusiasts to create teams and build projects in 48 hours.

‘The Algorithm is Female’ is slated to begin on 27th September and will end on 29th of the same month. The event will take place at Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce located at Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

Code Rush, a software company, looking to establish itself as a new standard for Tech company is  Nepal is promoting more number of female developers. They hope that with their efforts, they can close-in the gap that prevails amongst the academics-experts and Local-international tech markets. The company’s primary goal is to produce experts in the field of IT and further employ this knowledgeable category to become capable of leading the IT market in the nation. Code Rush continuously conducts various self-sustainable training and educational programs that provide suitable settlement to the trainees. The company mainly promotes female developers and hope that they can create a balanced IT industry through their efforts.

Hemper is a European Fashion brand that manufactures hemp crafts. Similarly, Iron Hack is a tech-school that resides in 9 cities all over the globe and offers UX/UI design pieces of training. Together, these companies are looking to establish education as a whole kit for social revolution, mainly for a country like Nepal.

The event will have three phases, namely;


All the participants will need to take a basic online test to showcase their necessary coding skills before the prime event commences. The trial is scheduled in the office building of CodeRush and will take place on 21st and 22nd September. The outcome of the test will determine the 30 individuals that will be a part of the hackathon.


The 30 participants that are selected from Phase-I will be divided into six teams, each comprising of 5 individuals. Each team will work to solve a problem that will be explained on Day 1 of the hackathon.

Once the brainstorming and prototyping session is completed on 2nd Day, the teams need to prepare for a presentation on the 3rd Day. One group of 5 participants will go through to the final round that will take place on the 30th of September.


The five individual participants will need to take different tests and appear in personal interviews with the Iron hack personnel. Based on the overall performance, one of these participants will be selected for the Fellowship in Barcelona.

The winner of ‘The Algorithm is Female’ will receive a scholarship to visit Barcelona, Spain for six months and attend the Iron Hack Bootcamp with all the accommodation and travel cost under consideration. The fellowship in Barcelona will prove to be crucial in achieving the primary goal of this alliance, that is, to apply a technical solution to community-based problems in Nepal.


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