Beema Samiti

9th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

Surya Prasad Silwal has taken over the newly appointed Chairperson of the Insurance Board of Nepal. In his inauguration program, he advised the insurance company not to slap him during his term.

“Currently, the insurance companies have taken the committee only as a regulatory body. And in the coming days, the committee has taken it in the same way,” he said.

“The committee is not only the controller but also the chief manager. But insurance companies still see the committee as the controller,” said Silwal.

He is committed to helping the companies to work in accordance with the Insurance Act, laws, and principles in the coming days and to be on behalf of the committee. During his term, he informed that the insurance sector would be managed rather than controlled.

Silwal said insurance companies were facing a mountain of challenges and encouraged everyone to help solve them. He said that insurance companies should concentrate on providing access. Rather than expanding their sector, to quality insurance in rural areas.

He said that the insurance industry has a mountain of challenges and he has seen many opportunities at the same time.

It should also be possible to find solutions for those who create issues. If not, they should sit in the system thinking that there is an authority above us. “Don’t just make us controllers.” If we’re made controllers, that’s just going to ruin us. ‘

He recognized that he was new to the insurance industry and accepted that he did not understand the technicalities of this sector.

“Make a profit, but it has to be natural,” he said.


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