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9th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

Telecommunications company, Nepal Telecom has extended its 4G LTE service to 77 districts of the country. The company said that the 4G LTE service had reached all districts of the country and 620 locations at the local level.

The company said that the 4G LTE service had entered these areas on the occasion of its 17th anniversary.

Dilliram Adhikari, Managing Director of the company, said that work is underway to extend LTE Advanced high-speed wireless technology throughout the nation.

‘Under the initiative to provide state-of-the-art telecommunications services throughout the country. The high-speed broadband LTE Advanced 4G network service is being extended nationwide for the first time in the country. This service has reached 620 local levels in all 77 districts,” he said.

He told that, along with the expansion of the Forge service, the company was also planning for the 5G service.

Announcing the company’s potential strategies, he said. “We will test and study the operation of 5G services and prepare a model for commercial operation.”

Earlier, he said that the government was ready to test 5G if it gave permission.

Similarly, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology. Parbat Gurung asked Nepal Telecom to be ready for the 5G test in a program organized on Thursday.

Although the company is planning for the expansion of Forge and 5G services. The 4G service has not yet reached more than 100 local users across the world.

While the company has said that the Forge service has currently reached 620 local levels. The company’s official website has details on the 4G service available in 77 districts with a list of 596 local levels.


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