Tech Bloggers Challenges In Nepal

April 19, 2020, Kathmandu

If you’re a blogger, you might have faced several ups and downs. You might have wished for help from experts but you knew no one. When a person needs help, he should get it. If he doesn’t get it, he’ll get demotivated and ultimately change the track.

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger or a health blogger, no matter if you’re a tech blogger too, these situations follow every blogger’s life. To address this issue for at least a tech blogger, Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal was formed.

The main motive of the community is to connect newbies to the experts who’ve already dealt with various ups and downs. The forum also wishes to work as a bridge between tech bloggers and policymakers. It’ll be working as a community to address the problems in the tech blogging industry and promote tech blogging.

The same forum for tech bloggers is organizing a webinar on ‘Tech Blogger’s Challenges in Nepal’. This will be the first event ever organized for tech bloggers in Nepal. Unlike its title, opportunities and scopes will also be discussed in the webinar. Five speakers who’re working as tech bloggers will be discussing the opportunities and challenges of tech blogging in Nepal.

Let’s have a look at the speakers of the webinar.

  • Shreeman Bhandari, Manager of Gadget Concern
  • Niraj Bhusal, Founder of TechSathi
  • Siddhant Mandal, Founder, and CEO of TechPatro
  • Sumi Prajapati, Content Manager of ICT Byte
  • Basant K. Dhakal, Freelancer and Blogger

The event will be moderated by Mina Aryal, Chief Editor of ICT Frame.

What do senior bloggers say about the event?

Saugat Adhikari, one of the most influential bloggers in Nepal says, “I think the webinar is a good idea to connect people of a similar mindset in the lockdown.”

Top Nepali bloggers From Nepal

Similarly, Aakar Anil, one of the most followed bloggers in Nepal and Senior Marketing Technologist at CloudFactory says, “I think it’d be a good learning experience for a new blogger. I might even learn a few new things, that I’ve not seen before.”

Nepali Blogger Aakar Anil

So, what are you waiting for? Fill the form and join the Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal just now. Also, don’t miss attending the event. You can either join the event or watch the live stream of the event on the event Facebook Page.

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