Information security specialist, IT Security expert, Expert Security Systems Rigo Technology Pvt. Ltd., Information Security Speaker.

Tell us about yourself 

I am Bijay Limbu Senihang
I am graduate in BSc. Hons in Networking and IT Security from London Metropolitan University, UK . I am Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Information Systems Security Professional
I have been working and contributing in Computer Networking and IT Security Engineering for 5+ years.
Currently I am involved in Rigo Technology as a Chief Technology Officer

 Brief Introduction of Rigo Technology
Rigo Technology is IT Security firm with unmatched expertise in Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Digital Forensic, Auditing and Compliance.

Why Rigo Technology Started ?
Rigo Technology started as a venture of System and Security Experts to fight against the cyber threats and crime in Nepal.

Who are the founders ?
You can find details here

What are the challenges to start and run such types of Security firm in Nepal ?

We believe in hacker culture. So we love challenges. 

And as a challenge, running a security firm is all about building trust and maintaining our code of ethics. And till date we have successfully build trust with our clients by protecting their systems.

Will you please share us your habit on use of social media?

Normally I have reduced to share my private information on social media and I have tune my privacy and security setting strictly.

What is the scope for IT Students in Information Security Domain ?
Our country need more IT students. Specially in the field of security domain, there are only few professionals working in this field. There is a huge scarcity of Infosec Professional

Why Social media fraud is increasing day by day .What could be the solution ?
Its due to lack of awareness of using social media also due to absence of cyber security law and policy.

Have you anything to say about ICT Community in Nepal?
Its amazing and growing bigger and bigger everyday.

Apart from IT? What are your interests?
I am lover of art music and literature. In my free time I do painting and compose songs.

Are you aware of IT Policy of Nepal?
Yes, I am aware of that. Recently Ministry of Information and Communication has released National Information and Communication Technology Policy 2015

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?
Stay safe Stay Secure and Lots of regards to ICT Frame for giving me an opportunity to share my view in ICT community.