The formation of the club was not an isolated event. It was formally inaugurated by principal Mr. Pratap Koirala and Mr. Sagar Chettri, former CEO of SPARC (Software Production and Research Center) in the presence of the very first batch students of the college. From its initial days to now, it has been playing a key role on empowering the students with technical skills and enhancing their personality& confident apart from the academic and theoretical knowledge.
Some highlights of the Club.
Lumbini ICT Club has always supported and assisted the different ongoing campus events. Whether it’s a FOSS workshop or Microsoft’s events, the committee have always pinned interest to make it bigger and better. Some of its phenomenal initiatives are: Initiation of Ideajukson, a weekly seminar;Formation of different sports team for intercollege and intra college competitions; proposed college administration to sign MOU with MIC Nepal to provide the benefits of Microsoft Technology to the students;proposed for different educational trips; formation of Lumbini ICT Documenty Club, a monthly audio visual motivational session for the students and the formation of lumbini ICT Linux Community for the promotion & awareness of FOSS among the students. Not only this but club has also been the part of Funerals as a care taker & well-wisher on unfortunate demise of any student’s family member.
Glimpse of the different events of the club.

Sports Activities

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Microsoft/FOSS Events

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Lumbini ICT Community

it club of nepalIdeajukson

“Ideajukson” a weekly based seminar is one of the major breakthrough of the club so far. “Nobody knows everything but everybody knows at least something.” And it is basically an idea/knowledge sharing platform where that something is shared with the others. For a period, it used to beorganizedon Saturday being well supported in its initial days. Then started to fall from favour due to several technical difficulties so later it was rescheduled for Friday. Ideajuksonhas successfully completed its almost 20th successful weeks so far. Currently, Mr. Kaushik Panta is leading a wordpress workshop on ideajukson.

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Regardless of being an IT Club of the college, it has also actively volunteered at social cause for public welfare beyond the college premises.
Earthquake Relief Campaign
Baisakh 12, 2072 was one of the worst day in the history of Nepal as the country was stroke by 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Club initiated a campaign to collect relief funds which was widely appreciated and supported by various organizations and individuals outside the country as well. They collected over Rs.12,000 in few days which was donated in terms of emergency medicines to one of the most deteriorating place of chitwan “DaahreChowk”

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Drinking Water Distribution

Club volunteers provided safe drinking water to the senior citizens who were standing in the queue for hours to receive their social security fund provided by the Nepal Government. And it was the money collected from the students each month on the club’s fund (Rs.1 per day/per person).

Bhattarai Rita

Rewards to the best volunteers:
Former president Mr. Arjun Gurung rewarding Mr. Sandesh Kumal & Mr. Bijay Chettri as the club’s best volunteers of the year.

Adhikari Chiranjibi Lumbini ICT Club not only successfully accomplished several events & programs but also been a source of inspiration for different students &colleges over chitwan.They have too started to form an IT Club and carry out several programs. After the outstanding two years of tenure, recently the club was handover to the new committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Sudeep Kafle. The committee immediately started with a flourish, and forthwith set out to walk.“The pattern of club activities had now fairly well settled down and we are looking forward to bring more events at the college” says Sudeep Kafle, new president of lumbini ICT Club.

Current committee members:

President: Sudeep Kafle
Vice President: Sanjeev Poudel
Secretary: Prakash Sapkota
Joint Secretary: Rita Bhattarari
Treasurer: Sandesh Kumal,Bullet Sigdel
Advisors: Nabin Thapa & Arjun Gurung
Faculty Advisor: Chudamadi Pandey

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