World War Endgames

19 March 2021, Kathmandu

Asterisk Technology, LLC, a newly emerging game development company, has announced an Early Access date for a dystopian text-based online multiplayer role-playing game, World War 4 – Endgames, developed by Podamibe Nepal Pvt Ltd, a Nepal based IT company, which will be launched in Android platform via Google Play Store on April 4, 2021.

The game is set in the year 2030, where World War 3 has already ended, causing devastating effects to mankind, wherein humanity is on the brink of extinction. With New World Order in place, now only eight powerhouse countries remain – the USA, UK, United Europe, United Middle East, China, India, Japan, and Russia – still fighting for a single unified government.

Individual players role-play as one of the survivors of WW3, wherein they can work once every 4 hours, train once every 2 hours, choose among various careers of businessmen/army/worker/politician, produce different raw materials / processed goods / finished goods, export/import goods for profits, invest in the stock market, gather strengths and equip weapons, and ultimately fight for their country for total world domination.

Players can choose different careers, once every 7 days, wherein each career has its own perks. As the remaining eight superpower countries battle with each other over controlling regions depleting the last of resources, players realize the Doomsday ticker is slowly running out, and as the game progress towards the Doomsday, players will have no option but to teaming up together, all fighting for the ultimate survival as the Earth is attacked by “unknown species”, triggering the beginning of the Endgame for humanity.

Main Features:

  • A survivalist approach to the gameplay with each Season ending in 100 days. – Team management and development of teamwork for total world domination. – Appropriate management of different types of resources (raw, processed, finished goods) for economic domination.
  • Stock market based on real market data, helping players understand stock market volatility better, with fresh data passed every 10 seconds.
    The game is Free to Play with In-App Purchases of different character skins and no direct Gold Buy, making the game less of a Pay-To-Win.

The trailer of the game is available on World War 4 – Endgames YouTube Official Channel: Click Here.

The publisher invites everyone interested to Pre-Register for Early Access to the game at Click Here for an exclusive gift of 50 Gold.


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