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7th April 2024, Kathmandu

In recent years, the global business landscape has witnessed a significant digital transformation, with the adoption of electronic invoicing (AutoCount e-Invoice Solution) emerging as a pivotal trend. As Malaysia prepares for the e-Invoicing mandate set to come into effect on 1st August 2024, pioneering software company AutoCount has taken a decisive step forward.

On 5th April 2024, amidst much anticipation, AutoCount unveiled its groundbreaking AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) at the MBSA Convention Centre in Shah Alam, marking a watershed moment in Malaysian business digitization.

The AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) stands as a testament to AutoCount’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to ushering Malaysian businesses into the digital era.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the LHDN MyInvois system, AIP redefines e-Invoice generation, submission, and management within the AutoCount software interface. This innovative solution promises to revolutionize operational processes, while ensuring regulatory compliance and accuracy, thus empowering businesses for future challenges.

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At the heart of AIP’s launch event was a resounding message of empowerment for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Recognizing the imminent challenges posed by the e-Invoicing transition, AutoCount collaborated with Mr. Chin Chee Seng, Group Managing Partner of CCS & Co. Plt, to provide invaluable insights.

His session shed light on the benefits and challenges of e-Invoicing adoption, offering actionable advice to attendees and underscoring AIP’s pivotal role in streamlining business operations.

Key Features of the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP):

Automated Efficiency: Streamlines e-Invoice generation and submission, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Reliable Submission: Ensures uninterrupted submissions through automatic retries during server downtimes, maintaining compliance.

Approver Control: Empowers businesses to appoint approvers, enhancing accuracy and compliance.

Efficient Tax Information Collection: Facilitates efficient collection of tax entity and company information, streamlining the invoicing process.

Expediting Onboarding: Simplifies customer/supplier information submission with an Intelligent Onboarding Link.

Operational Streamlining: Reduces manual entry by simplifying the process of copying purchase invoices and payment vouchers.

QR Code Accessibility: Incorporates QR codes on receipts, simplifying the e-Invoicing request process for customers.

Consolidated e-Invoices: Facilitates easy generation and consolidation of e-Invoices for retail and F&B stores using AutoCount POS solutions.

Alex Ng, Sales & Marketing Director at AutoCount, expressed pride in being the first software house in Malaysia to launch an e-Invoicing solution. He emphasized AIP’s role as a catalyst for operational excellence and innovation, signaling a visionary step forward for Malaysian businesses.

In conclusion, the AutoCount e-Invoice Platform (AIP) heralds a new dawn for Malaysian businesses, offering a transformative solution to navigate the e-Invoicing landscape with confidence and efficiency. To stay ahead in business digitalization, explore the potential of AIP by visiting the AutoCount website today.


AutoCount Dotcom Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company at the forefront of financial management software development and distribution.

With its range of AutoCount software, the company supports fundamental finance and accounting functions, empowering businesses across Malaysia to thrive in the digital age.


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