FAO Nepal Tele Plant

7th April 2024, Kathmandu

In a groundbreaking initiative to modernize agriculture and enhance crop health management, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO Nepal Tele Plant Doctor) Nepal has unveiled Tele Plant Doctor, a revolutionary mobile application designed to diagnose plant diseases using artificial intelligence (AI).

This innovative app, presented by FAO Nepal, promises to be an indispensable tool for farmers and growers, offering early detection of plant health issues and expert-driven diagnostic recommendations.

Tele Plant Doctor serves as an advanced companion in modern agriculture, leveraging AI technology to swiftly and accurately assess plant health conditions. With features such as leaf scanning for disease detection and real-time expert advice, this app aims to optimize crop yields and promote sustainable farming practices.

FAO Nepal Tele Plant Doctor

“Tele Plant Doctor marks a significant milestone in the realm of smart agriculture, offering farmers access to cutting-edge technology for effective disease management,” stated a representative from FAO Nepal. “Our mission is to empower agricultural communities with precise and timely strategies, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.”

Available for download on the Google Play Store, Tele Plant Doctor is set to revolutionize plant health management and contribute to global efforts towards food security and agricultural sustainability.

About Tele Plant Doctor: Revolutionizing Agriculture

Tele Plant Doctor stands as an epitome of smart agriculture, providing farmers with advanced tools to combat plant diseases effectively. By harnessing the power of AI for leaf scanning and expert-driven recommendations, this app revolutionizes the way farmers approach crop health management.

“Our mission is to empower farmers and growers with precise, timely, and expert-driven strategies,” emphasized a spokesperson from FAO Nepal. “Tele Plant Doctor is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize agriculture and promote sustainable farming practices.”

Tele Plant Doctor: Click Here


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