NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal

24 February 2020, Kathmandu  

According to a statement issued by Nada Automobile Association, the executive committee of the Nada Automobile Association of Nepal has met with newly appointed Finance Secretary Shishir Dhungana to discuss the issues related to the import of fair trade, vehicles, and spare parts. The meeting was attended by Nada’s chairperson Krishna Prasad Dulal, vice-chairmen, general secretary, treasurer, co-chairman, and other working committee members along with the recently appointed Finance Secretary, Mr. Shishir Dhungana.

During the meeting, Chairman of Nada, Dulal, congratulated Dhungana for being a finance secretary and urged the ministry to take the initiative to solve the problems and obstructions related to the importing of goods in the auto sector.

During the meeting, Vice President of Nada, Karan Chaudhary, and Akash Golchha informed about the currently prevalent problems in the automobile business in Nepal. Also, Secretary-General Sunil Rizal said that the government should take steps to make the spare parts business a clean business. The current scenario of imports of spare parts has made it quite difficult for the business to foster in Nepal. Not all spare parts are available to the general customers due to high tariff rates applied on their import.

During the meeting, Secretary Dhungana thanked Nada for conducting training programs on customs, VCTS, and taxes, and said that the ministry would also appoint professionals related to conducting such workshops soon for more effective outcomes. The meeting was a good start to see in the field of automobile business in Nepal since the number of automobile enthusiasts is growing over the years.


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