Next-Gen Ford Ranger XL

13th September 2022, Kathmandu

G.O Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. announces arrival and Test drive of Next-Gen Ford Ranger XL, XLT, and Wildtrak in Nepal

  • G.O Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. announces the Arrival of the 2022 NEXT-GEN FORD RANGER  2.0L Single-Turbo and Bi-Turbo  diesel engine making an addition to its line up from the international market (THAILAND) the vehicle delivers 170PS power and  405 Nm torque in XL and 210PS power and 500 Nm torque in XLT and Wildtrak for off-road mastery
  • 10inch and 12inch touch screen with android auto and apple car play.
  • World First class 10- Speed Automatic Transmission in XLT and WildTrak.
  • The attractive introductory price for the 2022 NEXT-GEN FORD RANGER is NPR. 1,05,90,000 for XL, 1,19,90,000 for XLT and 1,45,90,000 for Wildtrak in Nepal.

Ford Nepal (G.O Automobiles Pvt. Ltd) today announces the arrival of the 2022 NEXT-GEN FORD RANGER – with a new 2.0-liter single-Turbo and Bi-Turbo DIESEL engine. Ford has continued to strengthen customer trust in the Ranger by listening to owners and delivering on features that matter to them most. Next-gen Ranger takes this to the next level with a truck that offers customers exceptional towing and hauling, incredible off-road capability, and a choice of durable and fuel-efficient engines.

NEXT-GEN FORD RANGER is one of the most loved Pickup Trucks in the global market and the ASIAN Region. The Ford Ranger has built a reputation around the world for being a tough and capable pickup, with more and more customers trusting it to deliver years of dependable service for both work and play.

Transmission: 6 and 10AT Speed Transmission

The 6-speed is the proven automatic transmission as seen in the current Ranger line-up. This transmission does it all, from focusing on the right gear at the right time, optimizing kinematics, and controlling delivery improvements in performance, to towing capability and shifting response.

And it’s durable because it is made with high-strength steel, aluminum alloys, and composites to optimize durability and weight.

The 10-speed automatic transmission has been upgraded, which includes a new torque converter for a more connected driving experience, an updated shift pattern, and enhanced controls for smoother acceleration and shifting. Tow/Haul drive mode has also been made available for an improved driving experience when towing or when the vehicle is heavily laden.

Auto Transmission Gear Shift and Electric Parking Brake

The Ranger comes with an Auto Transmission Gear Shift which features P, R, N, and D gears (illuminated) with buttons on the side for sport mode where drivers can select individual gears. And to offer more convenience and confidence along the adventure, the Electric Parking Brake Feature offers greater accessibility to all. It’s the first-in-class for mid-sized pickups

Selectable Drive Modes

Each drive mode has been carefully calibrated to control the features of the vehicle to optimize performance on special surfaces. There are four on-road and two off-road modes: Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul and Slippery, Mud/Ruts, and Sand. These modes adjust everything from the gearshift, throttle response, traction, and stability controls to ABS and more.

New Sync Display and Button Layout

Navigation around the display screen has never been so easy. With the New Sync Display and button layout, you can choose between the manual System or Dual Zone Automatic Climate with ease.

At the touch of a dial, you can control the temperature and blower speed, and reduces any distractions from driving. The simplified layout makes it easier to use common features without the need to navigate through Sync screens.

Water Wading

Are you ready to take on a wet and fun adventure? Well, the Next-Gen Ranger offers a maximum water wading depth of 800mm at 7km/h.

With rigorous physical testing on top of the extensive computer-aided engineering to ensure that the Next-Gen Ranger works as well in water as it does on the road. This means we test movement forward and in reverse, so that water doesn’t get into anything we don’t want it to, and that all the critical systems work on the vehicle afterward, e.g., the lights and horn.

Underbody Protection

The benefit here is that it helps protect vital components when you’re off-road. Selected Next-Gen Ranger models boast a raft of protective underbody shields for the steering, sump, transmission, and transfer case which are made from pressed and folded laser-cut steel.

Pressed and folded laser-cut steel provides more strength than folded steel alone and allows optimum strength-to-weight ratio. Plastic shields are available for cost-conscious and less demanding customers. Securely bolted to the vehicle’s chassis providing outstanding structural integrity while recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for vehicle servicing.


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