Awareness Program Conducted At Jitpur Saraswati School

72nd Cyber Security Awareness program conducted at Jitpur Saraswati School, Western Chitwan sponsored by Sudan Gaire from Virginia USA.

Washington DC, June 18, 2017 – CSI has successfully conducted Cyber Security awareness training at Jitpur Sarswoti School, Western Chitwan. The program was sponsored by Sudan Gaire who lives in Virginia USA originally from Lagauta (Bharatpur-18), Chitwan. A total of 270 students has participated in the program.

Representatives from Cyber Security International cybersecurity Pooja Gurung, Muna Sapkota and Paras Paudel have conducted awareness training to the students. The program has lasted 5 hours a day for three days.

The primary purpose of this program was to make students of Jitpur school aware of using the smartphone, computer, internet, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices safely and securely and, how to be safe from cyberbullying and exploitation by hackers.


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