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71st Cyber Security Awareness program conducted at Nepal Law Campus sponsored by an attorney at law Bandita Sharma Dahal, Virginia USA.

Washington DC, June 16, 2017 – CSI has successfully conducted Cyber Security awareness training at Nepal Law Campus. The program was sponsored by an attorney at law Bandita Sharma Dahal who lives and professional practices in Virginia USA. Mrs. Dahal studied at Nepal Law Campus while she was in Nepal, later she went to the USA for her further study and finished her Master’s degree in Law. A total of 70 students has participated in the program. A representative from Cyber Security International cyber security expert Prof. Kumar Pudasaini has conducted the technical program to the students. Mrs. Dahal’s parents also present as a guest. Her parents’ told stories of her childhood.

CSI representative Manisha Ranabhat has organized the event. The program has lasted for 4 hours. The main purpose of this program was to make students of Nepal-Law-Campus aware of using a smartphone, computer, internet, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices safely and securely and, how to be safe from cyberbullying, and exploitation by hackers.


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