As we know how important smartphones have become in our lives. So many of us carry smartphones with us and we cant even spend a day without it. Even with the competition betweem companies to bring out the best in smartphones, there are always somethings that make smartphones not reach to people expectations. One of the main problem is the battery life. Nomatter how an smartphone gets, the manufacturers have not been able to come up with a good battery to the smartphones. However in the recent conference of Apple, it has said that the new iphone software will add an extra hour to your smartphones.
Surely its not a big news as we wont be enough with just an additional hour. However its not the hardware fault at all. The software that is running is mostly responsible for the use of battery. So if less battery could be used by the software then the battery will last longer. Therefore apple decided to make their new software less battery consuming. These days you can see chips getting more faster and smart and things are evolving in the world of smartphones. However the lack of power have even drained the users of smartphones. Apple did manage to introduce apps that will also save battery. There have been so many complaints about the issue of battery and apple in the conference told that the issue have been somehow deduced with the introduction of new software. There are times when we want more but if Apple is offering atleast this much, we should be grateful about it. however we hope that Apple in the coming future will come up with good battery and less consuming software that can satisfy the customers. There is no one to guarantee that the battery may reach to the demand of people. However with every updates coming it would be better if developers focused on the light apps and less battery consuming software as those software will be of no use if the batteries wont last. So we can say that the future relies in the hands of the software’s sucking less power out of the phones.