The US’s Army official website was hacked which contained basic information for the general public. Army decide to temporarily shut down the website after the hack. The website was said to be hacked by the syrian electronic army who wrote about accepting their work in their twitter account. They hacked the website with the messages denouncing Washington’s training of rebel fighters inside Syria, but no data was stolen, officials said. The site didn’t even contained the personal and classified information as it was just for the information to the general public.
The website contained the syrian flag made by the help of binary codes which were used by the  syrian electronic army while hacking organizations.  Official say that it is the first time a US military site has been penetrated and whole lot of security concerns came with it. Previous hacks only targeted the twitter account therefore it was really unexpected.
“Your commanders admit they are training the people they have sent you to die fighting,” said one of the messages. The group had been blamed for other hacks too before and  denial of service attacks that have condemned rebel forces fighting the Syrian regime.”Today an element of the service provider’s content was compromised,” army spokesman Brigadier General Malcolm Frost said in a statement. “After this came to our attention, the Army took appropriate preventive measures to ensure there was no breach of Army data by taking down the website temporarily,” Frost said.

The group have also been linked with the series of hacking the media accounts. The social media accounts of US Central Command, which oversees American forces in the Middle East, were hacked in January with messages promoting the Islamic State group. There were several other hacks too and syrian group is expected to be behind that. However with the recent activities involving china, the officials of Us and law makers were suspecting china behind the breach.

 With this the whole officials of US are concerned about the breaches that may effect in future. They will be working on making their sites more secure.