Information Communication & Technology advances create new possibilities, not just for the good guys, but for the bad ones as well. Texas International College offers courses on Network and Cyber Security that allow you to develop your career in a range of areas such as Network Security Expert, Cyber Security specialist, Network tester, Ethical Hacker, IT Auditor, IT Security Engineer, and many more.

Texas International College Offers Bachelor in Network and Cyber Security in Nepal;  Admission Open for Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Network Technology and Cyber Security) for DEC/JAN, 2017 session. Apply now for scholarships. 100% Credit Transfer worldwide. Texas International College, Mitrapark, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Texas International College aims to engage their students with critical professional concerns by providing them with the learning opportunities and extensive resources in Information Security courses. The objective of this Course is to develop the abilities in students and produce the results they expect in a better way. If you have high dreams and enhance your career in the better way, Texas International College will be the best choice for you, and you won’t regret joining it.

This Course brings to protect private data, prevent intrusion and develop the human resources to fight against cybercrime in Nepal, Said Shankar Prasad Sharma (Director and CSIT Head).  The objective of this Course is to help the Nepalese Students to work effectively in a Cyber Security development team specializing in all aspects of Information Security. This Course emphasizes all aspects of Network and Cyber Security.


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