New Upcoming Electric Cars in Nepal 2020

May 26, 2020, Kathmandu

Just a few years ago, we would laugh about electric cars. We’d say they are funny and they are just a fading trend. Meanwhile, welcome to the year 2020, the future of e-cars seem much more real and much more gorgeous! Let’s talk about the 5 best electric cars in Nepal today.

Summary of the Best Electric Cars in Nepal for 2020

Electric Cars in Nepal (Model) Price (NPR)
Hyundai IONIQ Electric Rs. 55.96 Lakhs
Hyundai Kona Electric Rs. 65.96 Lakhs
MG ZS Electric Rs. 49.99 Lakhs
TATA NEXON Electric Rs. 15 -17 Lakhs (IND)
KIA NIRO Electric Rs. 66.90 Lakhs


5 Best Electric Cars in Nepal

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Best Electric Cars in Nepal

Talk electric, and talk sedan – there is no other electric sedan that can beat this beauty. In fact, Hyundai’s IONIQ electric is an art piece that takes the spotlight away in the streets of Nepal.

Hyundai IONIQ Specifications

This silent beast takes 8.9 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph. Talk about e-cars not being fast enough, IONIQ is certainly the answer people.

Hyundai IONIQ comes with a 38.3 kWh electric motor with a battery power of 134 bhp. The maximum speed this engine takes is 165 kph. Likewise, if you’re wondering about taking this beauty in a long ride to Pokhara, you’re in for a treat! The car goes to a range of 275 km in one full charge!

However, IONIQ needs around nine hours to fully charge. Take notes already.

Further, this futuristic machine comes with LED DRL, Power Sunroof, and 16″ alloy wheels.

Hyundai IONIQ price in Nepal

The Hyundai IONIQ price in Nepal is Rs 55,96,000.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric

Okay, is Hyundai bringing out the best electric cars in Nepal? We wouldn’t mind if it did, right?

Because next in our selection of 5 best electric cars in Nepal comes the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Hyundai Kona Electric Specifications

Equipped with a 395 Nm of instant torque, this lightning-fast SUV reaches from zero to 100km/h in just about 7.6 seconds. Now, that’s fast!

This bad boy can travel like a real SUV for a distance of 482 km on a single charge. However, the battery being the 64 kWh version.

The ground clearance of this appealing SUV is about 170 mm, which is good in rough terrain.

Hyundai Kona Price in Nepal

The Hyundai Kona price in Nepal is Rs. 65,96,000.



Ever stopped and stared at a premium electric SUV? Well that SUV was probably MG’s ZS EV.

This power-packed electric vehicle (EV) delivers 110 KW power with a 350 Nm torque. Moreover, you can even charge the battery of this giant SUV up to 80% in just 30 minutes, and on a full charge, it promises a maximum range of 428 km!

MG ZS EV Price in Nepal

The MG ZS EV Price in Nepal is Rs. 49,99,000.



Making a grand entry in the EV universe, it is the TATA’s Nexon Electric version. Ever since its release, people are questioning if it’s the perfect electric SUV.

If you’re wondering how fast it goes in a zero to 100 km/h, it takes just 9.9 seconds to do that. Moreover, this electric motor is proudly based on Tata’s Ziptron technology which is a permanent-magnet AC motor.

What makes it even more awesome is that this machine is dust & water-resistant. This feature alone gives it a head start at the best electric cars in Nepal comparison! With its fast-charging feature, it charges from 0 to 80 in just 60 minutes. Also, it travels a range of 312km on a full charge.

Further, the company offers an amazing service. It offers an 8-year or 160,000km warranty on the battery and the electric motor as well.

TATA Nexon Ev price in Nepal

The TATA Nexon Ev price in Nepal is between 15 – 17 lakh in Indian Currency.



KIA dropped a bomb with its Niro EV. This gorgeous looking SUV changes the entire game and gives a head-on competition to Hyundai’s Kona.

With a max torque of 291, NIRO EV promises a range of up to 385 km in a fully-charged scenario!

As a Hyundai Kona, KIA NIRO EV takes around 9 hours to fully charge. That’s some competition there. Not to mention that the interior and exterior of Niro looks very promising.

Is NIRO a premium EV? Well, it does come with a 6-speaker audio system, rear-camera, driver attention warning, a smart cruise control, and Smart infotainment System. It does speak premium to us you know!

KIA NIRO EV Price in Nepal

KIA NIRO EV Price in Nepal is Rs 66,90,000.

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We hope this list of the best electric cars in Nepal gives you some idea about your next purchase!

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