Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools 2018

You should always have a backup of your data to reduce the case of data loss. But what if you face a data loss? Whether it’s a Virus infection, human error or hardware failure, there is a risk of losing files. So, having a Data Recovery Software is essential. These data recovery software can help you recover files on your computer.

The Free Data Recovery Software Tool is also one of the best ways to recover your lost data. And the Free data recovery tools are the best way to improve your essential files free of cost. Similarly, these data recovery tools can also save the vital records that you deleted accidentally. And the Free data recovery software tools can be your life savior.

Furthermore, we reviewed these tools on various file types and platform. After the study, we’ve also picked the list of top free Data recovery software tools of 2018.

The list of top free Data recovery software tools of 2018.

  1. Piriform Recuva

The Recuva was the best free data recovery software available in 2018. And the Recuva is a powerful tool for recovering your files. Likewise, this data recovery software can recover your deleted files from CD/DVD, USB, and memory cards. And it is straightforward to use and has many features as well.

Similarly, the Recuva will recover your file on any windows platform. It will work on Windows 10, Windows 7,8,8.1, and 64-bit windows, without any hesitation. Furthermore, the Recuva provides both default and user desired recovery wizards. Choose the type of file you want to recover; it’ll perform the search.

In conclusion, After searching, your results are presented. You can save the results or switch to advanced modes to view information and get a better preview, Recuva is more user-friendly due to its natural user interface.

  1. TestDisk

The TestDisk is a powerful free file recovery software. It works on a wide range of storage media including CD/DVD, USB flash drives, and memory cards. Likewise, it can recover more than 200 file formats. And the TestDisk can also improve your boot sector and fix your FAT tables. Furthermore, the TestDisk is also available on all primary OS platform such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

In Summary, the TestDisk may not be suitable for all the users due to its command line interface. There is no mouse support for this tool. Every action needs to be operated by lines of commands. But the program guides you through the process which makes it easy to use.

  1. IObit Undelete

A list of data recovery tools without IObit Undelete is incomplete. And it provides the best user interface which makes it easy to use. Likewise, this data recovery tool can recover files of all kinds. Any documents, videos, photos, music that you want to improve its only a matter of seconds.

Similarly, the IObit undelete can save you from a lot of hassles because it can recover your files within a few clicks. It can improve data from CD/DVD, USB drive, and Memory cards. And it also makes it easy to preview your files before pressing that “Recover” option. Likewise, it might not work as correctly as Recuva, but it is easy and efficient to use.

  1. PhotoRec

The PhotoRec is also known for its performance on a wide variety of devices. And this data recovery tool can recover your data from a hard drive to digital cameras. Likewise, PhotoRec is mainly used to improve documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Similarly, the PhotoRec is compatible with all the primary platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Furthermore, it can recover more than 400 different file formats. Likewise, it provides an ability to add your custom file types. And it also supports various file types including FAT, NTFS, HFS, and ext.

This tool may be complicated for the beginners as it has no GUI and uses a command line to operate.


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