Perhaps, everyone has heard the name of Dr KC; he is one of the reputed doctors and become the most eye-catchable person in media since 2-3 years. Every time, he raised the voice for the wellness of the medical sector. But every time he was betrayed by the political parties so once again he went for the अनसन and it has become 10 days being in strike, so BibekSheel Nepali has planned to raised and boost up the voice of Dr KC by conducting Pressure Program at the Place of Prime Minister’s Home. So join and give pressure to the Government on 5th October, 2016 at Baluwatar, Kathmandu.

If this program become successful then our children, women and old people being facilitated. So let’s do some positive enlighten and social revolutionary work with DrKC under the theme of “मेरो सुनौलो भबिश्यको लागि DrKC लाई साथ दिनुहोस”. This program is started from 9am so be there at right time and if you need any other information contact at ९८५११८८८०१.