Bibeksheel Nepali – My Country My Responsibilty

Once again they have proved the power of youth. How much impact they can bring to society and the nation itself. They are not being judged from the political view but also as an organization of youths; they have been a role model to others.

They have not just focused on one aspect of the devastation but have been doing everything possible from their side and working every day so that they can make a difference. BibekSheel Nepali is a political party which consists of a group of youth who are determined to bring the change in a nation with the help of youth empowerment as they believe youth have that capacity in them.

Their saying is “if not we then who will” to the whole youth community and citizens as well. BibekSheel Nepali is a rising political force that under-promises, over-delivers Having seen the country’s slide into oblivion and the causes behind it, they have decided to come together to build a prosperous Nepal. Bibeksheel Nepali has also been involved in joining hands with everyone who has been helping the people affected due to the earthquake.

In a time of need, due to the devastation created by the quake, this organization is helping with their humanitarian acts like distributing materials that are essential for day to day activities and food resources too.

They have developed a 5R strategies like Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitate, reconstruct and Resurgence. They have been doing the two phases of a plan that is rescue and relief and know they will work in their third strategy.

They have covered most of the affected places for distribution of the comfort and volunteered as well with another group of people and organization. They have also been clearing debris caused by the earthquake in different parts of the country. They have been motivating youths for joining their hand in the process.

Their works can be described in these few lines however we hope that they will continue in their quest of making a prosperous Nepal and reconstruction of our country. The most powerful thing about this party is they are the first political party that came into action when the country was in need.