Leapfrog Transport Program For Relief

There are different problems when a country is facing a disaster. Food resources, Shelters, sanitation are the main ones. But there are other things too that play an essential role in, i.e., transportation.

As the country is suffering from such a situation, there might be individuals, group of people, organizations that want to be a helping hand in the relief program.

So, Leapfrog brought a strategy of providing free transportation services to all entities that are working for earthquake relief inside/outside Kathmandu valley.

They were able to dispatch 50 vehicles to 30 different places and managed to affect 31,125 people’s lives in 3 days. Being a software company, they were able to handle such a service even with limited resources.

They have provided a supporting hand to lots of helping hand. Their primary target was providing free transport facility, and they have volunteered in other relief programs as well whether it be with coordination to Engineers while inspecting houses or with medical teams with equipment.

They have touched many souls by their help. The whole IT sector is proud of its humanitarian activities.