ISPAN Accuses Telecom Authority

11th October 2022, Kathmandu

With the development of technology, internet users are increasing day by day in Nepal. According to government statistics, the number of Internet users is increasing.

According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, nearly 2.2 million users have been reached in a gap of about 10 years.

Currently, there are 60 internet service providers across the country. There is high competition among the service providers. Service provider companies have been publicizing various offers to increase their customers.

Also, due to the high price competition among the service provider companies, in recent days they are connecting the Internet at cheaper prices.

According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, there were 21 lakh 74 thousand 264 internet users in the country till last May. Out of which 23 thousand 387 users have connected wireless, 11 lakh 11 thousand 35 people have connected cable and 2 million 25 thousand 816 people have connected fiber net.

Similarly, there are currently 60 internet service providers across the country. However, 7 of the said internet provider organizations have internet users all over the country. According to the authority’s statistics, by June 2018, there are about 2.2 million internet users across the country, but there are only 1.842 thousand 121 customers of 7 companies. Which is 85 percent share. Statistics of the authority mention that 53 other companies have a total of 15 percent share.

According to the authority, Worldlink Communications, Nepal Telecommunication, Vianet, Subisu, Classic Tech, Dish Media Network, and Techminds Network have customers all over the country.

By last May, 645 thousand 369 people uses Worldlink Communication, 298 thousand 165 people uses Nepal Telecommunication Company, 225 thousand 465 people uses Vianet, 232 thousand 468 people uses Subisu, 230 thousand 476 people uses Classic Tech, 1 lakh uses Techminds Network. There are 261 lakh 2 thousand 261 users and 1 lakh 7 thousand 917 use Dish Media Network.

53 internet service provider companies have a total of 332 thousand 143 users across the country. Among them, Nepal Communication has the highest number of web surfers.

There are 61 thousand 975 customers of the internet provider organization across the country.

Worldlink Communications has the largest number of customers among the 60 service provider companies. As of May 2079, Worldlink Communication has 645,369 users across the country.

According to the authority, Worldlink alone has a 30 percent share in the Internet service provider sector.

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