Blockchain Meetup Nepal

3rd June 2023, Kathmandu

The highly anticipated Blockchain Collab #3 meetup successfully took place today at Kaffe Codes in Babarmahal, bringing together a diverse group of participants from Nepal’s blockchain community.

Supported by Clock B Business Technology, the event served as a platform for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and networking among students, blockchain developers, industry experts, and enthusiasts.

With over 20 attendees present, Blockchain Collab #3 featured a series of informative presentations by industry experts, providing deep insights into various aspects of blockchain technology.

The event created an engaging atmosphere, where participants actively participated in conversations, exchanging ideas and sharing their experiences. The networking sessions proved to be valuable opportunities for attendees to connect with professionals and enthusiasts, fostering a strong sense of community and encouraging future collaborations.

Clock B Business Technology’s support played a vital role in the success of Blockchain Collab #3. Their dedication to driving technological advancements and belief in the transformative power of blockchain significantly enhanced the value of the meetup.

By providing a platform for experts and enthusiasts to come together, the event showcased the growing interest and recognition of blockchain technology in Nepal.

The success of Blockchain Collab #3 holds great significance for Nepal’s blockchain ecosystem.

By facilitating interactions and knowledge exchange, the meetup has paved the way for further exploration, innovation, and development in the blockchain space within the country.

It serves as a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to drive positive change and opens doors for exciting opportunities in Nepal’s digital landscape.


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