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3rd June 2023, Kathmandu

The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness event in Nepal was organized by One Cover Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Kaspersky, a renowned cybersecurity company.

phoenix college lecturer“Phoenix College BIT Coordinator Mr. Sujan Upreti Welcomes the Cybersecurity Team Nepal”

The event aimed to spread knowledge about cybersecurity risks, educate participants on current threats and best practices, and foster a community of cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts in Nepal.

Event Agenda and Program:

The event featured a one-hour session with presentations from subject-matter experts. The agenda included:

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity Fundamentals:
  2. The session covered the basics of cybersecurity, common threats, and safety precautions.
  3. Keynote Speech on Cybersecurity Trends: An expert from One Cover Pvt. Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on the latest trends in cybersecurity, including emerging threats and mitigation techniques.
  4. Market Trends and Responsibilities of a Cybersecurity Company: An expert from Kaspersky provided insights into market trends and discussed the responsibilities of a cybersecurity company.
  5. Q&A Session: Participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions related to cybersecurity.
  6. Awareness and Training Program: The session covered various topics, such as user safety and security, increasing cyber threats, day-to-day activities in the digital space, security tips, do’s and don’ts, existing security policies, and amendments.

Keynote Speakers:Kaspersky cybersecurity speaker1. Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari: Managing Director of One Cover Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Adhikari delivered a captivating and educational keynote speech on the value of cybersecurity, current threats, mitigation techniques of Kaspersky, and ethical practices. He actively engaged with the audience during the Q&A session.

sagar group business head2. Mr. Bilakshyan Shrestha: Business Head of Sagar Group, a supporting partner of the event. Mr. Shrestha provided insights into Kaspersky’s milestones, products, and services. He discussed the responsibilities and work of Kaspersky, including their efforts in providing cybersecurity to organizations and conducting awareness campaigns.


The Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness event in Nepal, organized by One Cover Pvt. Ltd., successfully raised cybersecurity awareness, educated participants on best practices, and provided a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing.

The event’s success was attributed to the collaborative efforts of One Cover Pvt. Ltd., Kaspersky, Phoenix College, Sagar Group, npCert, CSRI Nepal, and media partner ICTFRAME.com. The event’s positive outcome and feedback will contribute to future activities aimed at increasing cybersecurity awareness in Nepal.

Event Outcome and Achievement:

Kaspersky information security nepalThe Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness event in Nepal successfully achieved its objectives. It attracted over 60 attendees, including professionals, business owners, and students.

The event increased participants’ awareness of cybersecurity risks and best practices. Positive feedback was received regarding the standard of the presentations and the information learned.

The event received favorable media coverage from ICTFRAME.com, reaching a larger audience.

The MCs, Mr. Sudeep Shrestha, and Ms. Luniva Pradhan, kicked off the event.

The event was concluded by the MCs, Mr. Amit Katwal and Ms. Priya Maharjan, who gave a brief thanks to all of the attendees as well as to the event’s sponsors and organizers.

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