Bringing The Benefits Of Technology To Everyone – Huawei Chief

15th July 2019, Kathmandu

Liang Hua, head of the smartphone and telecommunication material manufacturing Chinese company Huawei has promised that the digital service is going to be made easy and equally accessible. He told this remark while publicly announcing the sustainability report of 2018 during an event organized at Shenzhen, China. This is the 11th report out of several stories that Huawei has released repeatedly.

He said that the company has given particular importance to the customer and that other companies want to cooperate. He also said that the company is ready to contribute towards social and economic development from its side. He said that environmental protection is essential to regard the company’s sustainable development initiative.

He said that in the future, a massive amount of energy is needed for communication networks and that companies should develop technology to work on less energy consumption. They are looking for ways to send more data from fewer energy systems. He also said that the technology being developed by Huawei is going to be green technology for environmental protection.

The report mentions four strategies for sustainability. Digital Inclusion, Security and Reliability, Environmental Protection, and Health and Environment-Friendly Strategy have been emphasized. It is said that the company has been working for achieving United Nations sustainable development goals, working closely with other industrial partners in much environmental works and Huawei’s strategy has also been put forward in many cases.

Huawei is one of the top technological companies has shown its keen interest in environmental protection. Other companies in the world are also working together to achieve the common goal of sustainable development.


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