CEO at VolcusSoft Tulasi Dahal, IT Enthusiastic, ICT Personality of the Nepal, ICT Innovator, Self-motivated. We asked some questions about his successful project and sharing his motivating words towards the Nepalese community.

Why Taxpert Started?

TAXpert is the brainchild of CA Sheshmani Dahal. During his professional career, he faced lots of taxation related challenges. To name a few, some clients are paying more than required, and some are not paying at all due to uninformed taxation developments. So we have formulated the idea of taxpert on 24/7 online handheld device “mobile.”

Who are the founders?

This is the joint product of VolcusSoft Pvt.Ltd and his CA team.

What are the challenges to start and run such types of Application in Nepalese society?

Credibility outweighs other challenges. Moreover, continuous, sincere and timely update of every tax decision our prime responsibility which itself is cumbersome.

Will you please share us your habit on the use of social media?

Without social media, most of the youths today cannot imagine the future. I am also in this circle. And social media, as with every other thing even has its downsides and so which way we are using it, is the major stuff.

Have you anything to say about ICT Community in Nepal?

Youth are fed up with the political community. Politics has indeed failed the people and wronged them on many fronts.

So I think its time for the ICT community to step up and change the scene. And I believe it can give the several revolutions it has to be formed.

Apart from IT? What are your interests?

Public relation is my interest; I love to join with people of different walks of life and listen to them their stories to glean some insights.

Are you aware of the IT Policy of Nepal?

Yes, Being an IT professional, I  am quite aware and updated on IT policy.

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?

We have several other excellent products as well, which, we think each bears the transformative potential to impact the dynamics of the society. Please stay in touch with us through facebook page of VolcusSoft and TAXpert.

Do you have any other projects on hand?

Yes, we do have. We are on the verge of launching our upcoming project like Parewa(Free Real-time notification system for organization,which can also works as a notice board), m-Health(apps with different health related issues and queries answered through experts),smart mom(An app can teach their child unknowingly through the game ) and keeping an eye on others as well.

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