Refrigerators in Nepal

27th April 2021, Kathmandu

Buying the products online is very trouble-free with the technologies and you order the products of your preference and get the products on your doorstep. While buying a refrigerator there are various things to consider. It is very crucial to consider a refrigerator model that suits your needs. Firstly you should consider the size, budget, capacity, technology of cooling and efficiency. And if it is online you must be more aware of the details of the product.

1. Budget:

Your budget decides the quality and types of the fridge. A lower budget leads to buy mini-fridges. Higher the budget high the capacity and quality.

2. Space:

Depending on the available space at your home, you should decide where the refrigerator will be placed. There must be enough space to open the doors of the refrigerator and the three-pin power sockets nearby.

3. Capacity:

Consider the no. of family members and choose the capacity of the refrigerator. While checking the capacity note the ratio between the freezer and fresh food storage space.

4. Mini fridge for limited purpose and bar requirements:

Buying a minifridge only for limited purpose and bar requirements would be the best choice. Because it is mostly suited for bar requirements most conveniently.

5. Stabilizer free model:

For dealing with the voltage fluctuations due to frequent power cuts opt for a stabilizer-free model, spending a little amount of money.

6. Finishing, colour and design:

Considering the finishing, colour and design of a refrigerator is also very vital. The light and stainless colours can easily attract fingerprints and dust. The design should also match your kitchen. It would be better if you choose a burgundy colour model with a basic pattern design because it looks cleaner for a long time which makes it easy.

7. Frost-free model:

Frost-free models are a bit expensive. So, if it is in the case of low-budget there will be an option of stick to a direct-cool refrigerator. Be sure there are enough storage racks for vegetables, bottles and other daily consuming things.

8. Digital inverter technology or Connect inverter:

Digital inverter technology adjusts the speed of the fan depending on cooling demand. It saves power, makes less noise while connect inverter helps to keep food cold and fresh even in power cuts.

9. Star Rating:

You must also consider the Bee Star rating before you buy the appliances for a long time. At least a 3-star rating is considered for high capacity models whereas a rating doesn’t affect much for low capacity.

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