Modern Banking

25th April 2021, Kathmandu

Mega Bank Nepal Limited has taken a step further to digitalized Nepal. Mega Bank has implemented a program to encourage farmers to use modern banking services.

Mega Bank is rapidly expanding the QR code facility. With the aim of encouraging Nepalese farmers, who are an important part of the country’s economy, to use modern banking.

As a result, Mega Bank has established a partnership with Shangrila Agro Private Limited, Kusunti, Lalitpur. In order to promote digital banking in the agricultural sector.

As per the agreement, Mega Bank will provide banking and loan services to all agricultural producers and sellers. Who is associated with the vegetable and fruit market that Shangrila Agro will establish in Kusunti?

Furthermore, farmers and vendors associated with Shangrila Agro will receive a free QR code, and so will customers who buy vegetables and fruits. According to Mega Bank, those who use the QR code will get a discount of up to 10% or a maximum of Rs 500.

The agreement was signed by Mega Bank Deputy Chief Executive Officer Rabina Deshraj Shrestha and Shangrila Agro Chairman Ganesh Bahadur Subedi.


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