Rumee Singh

8 March 2021, Kathmandu

It’s always a man’s name that you hear or expect to hear each time you learn about an organization driven on by technology. Rarely do we see a woman starting and taking a leadership role in this industry? Today I present to you the story of a woman, of a mom, of a lady who has conquered frontier technology business ventures with the purpose of changing the world. She believes in the concept of “doing well by doing good.”

One such woman whose success we celebrate on this International Women’s Day as we celebrate women in technology and leadership is Ms. Rumee Singh. Ms. Rumee Singh is co-founder of the Rumsan Group of Companies. Rumsan a diversified multi-business frontier technology company focused on creating an impact through digital innovation of Rumsan Group of Companies, Rumee Singh is founder CEO of Hamro LifeBank, a social initiative for a smart, transparent, and holistic blood management service to eliminate blood scarcity.

As a part of blood scarcity in Nepal. She is also co-founder and CEO of Rahat, a digital Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) management system that uses blockchain tokens which helps humanitarian agencies to streamline and manage their relief distribution projects for emergency response and recovery programs.

During the pandemic period, she launched Katha4Nepal, a social initiative to bring stories to children in Nepal and beyond. With more than 100+ stories, Katha4Nepal is creating a community where a number of enthusiastic storytellers share read-aloud stories so that children have a place to hear stories while they stay home during the pandemic.

Rumee Singh was listed among the 10 women who have done exceptional work in the field of technology in Nepal on January 10, 2021, as “The Women who are changing the face of Tech on Nepal” by the Kathmandu Post. Recently, she was featured in the “Annual List of 100 People to Watch: Start-ups and New Business” by Business 360 on February 24, 2021.

She is a seasoned communication strategist with enriched experience of working in various multinational companies. With an engineering degree from the Institute of Engineering, a journalism degree from Emerson College Rumee has 15 years of experience in digital productions as the Director of Digital Productions at By Kinds For Kids for schools in the U.S. She worked as Senior Digital Communications Manager, Global Internal Communications in PepsiCo.

Rumee has been a driving force here at Rumsan Group of Companies and she never shies away from challenges. Her ventures not just promote equality and equity for her associates but also empowers every one of them to become the best at what they are doing. She has successfully created an environment where everyone has a sense of equal belongingness. On this, we would like to celebrate Rumee and countless other women who have been creating innovative work through gender equality and are an inspiration to youth who are starting their careers in technology.


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