Challenges Of CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology) Program

After my +2 exam, Rabin Chhetri was in a dilemma whether to study BSc-CSIT or Computer Engineering because of his aim to become a software engineer. He consulted too many of my elder brothers and seniors about my choice, and most of them recommended him to study computer engineering.

But He wasn’t satisfied with their recommendation because He had the few knowledge that being a Computer Engineer means just for the engineering of hardware but not the development of the software then after He surfed many Web Pages regarding my aim, and He decided to be the student of IT as it provides me the excellent platform for fulfilling my purpose.

His decision was wrong in the view of my society because of not having the tag Computer Er. after completing CSIT. This is the main problem with our community regarding their vision towards CSIT. They consider it as a subject which would be joined by the students after being unsuccessful in being ranked in IOE Entrance Exam. This is the fault of TU for not focusing on the development of the vision of people towards CSIT.

There are several reasons for taking CSIT as a low-grade subject. Those reasons are generally due to the following mentioned problems before and after joining CSIT.

Before joining CSIT, a student faces the following problems:-

  • Late entrance exam of CSIT than Engineering
  • Lack of entrance preparation classes for CSIT entrance exam due to which students are unaware of the question models.
  • Lack of scholarship schemes for the able students and also for the economically backward students
  • Late entrance result by TU.

When the student finished facing the above problems then again other major problems arises as described below:-

  • Unusual fee structures in different colleges.
  • Untimely semester wise exams. Sometimes it occurs very fast, and sometimes it’s too late.
  • Lack of teachers of various subjects as Automation and Robotics out of the valley.
  • Late results of every semester.
  • Lessor almost no practical classes are taken in several colleges.
  • As CSIT is a technical subject, there must be more practical knowledge, but in this context, we have more theory portion and very few functional portions.
  • These are the problems which I have known until now as a student of the third semester, but there may be many other problems hidden. TU must focus on solving these problems very soon.