Change The World – Hour Of Code III, WiSTEM Nepal

 For the motivation of women and girls in Tech, many events are conducted every year in Nepal. And it is essential as well to boost up the living standard and to think the ideology of female. If women are given equal opportunities as male then perhaps there would not be any gap of Knowledge between male and female. For this, WiSTEM Team girls are so lucky. They all worked together and conducted many programs in Nepal for the sake of women empowerment in Tech. So they all are likely to be praised and respected for their unbelievable work.

Up to now, they had successfully conducted two sessions of Hour of Code programs on Javascript for beginners at NCIT college, and Web designing and development at Prime College respectively. Not only this, now they are planning to conduct third, Hour of Code program on Android app development along with json/javascript for girls only. It is a two days program on 13th and 14th August 2016 from 11 am to 3 pm at Innovation Hub (Library), which is located in Sahid Sukra Marg, Teku, Kathmandu. So if you are interested in getting enrolled in this program, hurry up seats are limited only for 30. It is a career-development program, and you don’t have to worry about these courses before attending the program. All these things will be taught by Tech Experts. Only things that matter here is you have to be a girl.  So if you want to know more information about it you can go to

I guess you also want to know more about WiSTEM and their programs like Hour of Code and Children Go Coding. On this article, I will explain all these things in detail to quench your thrust. Here we begin:

Women in STEM (WiSTEM) are a nonprofit organization established with the motto of uplifting the women and girls status in STEM fields like Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics. Although more than half of the country’s population is held by a female, the count of the female is deemed to be negligible in Tech as compared to Male. So, they are planning to make the count meaningful that’s why they have conducted many programs to uplift the girls in STEM careers. Besides they also motivate, encourage, and inspire girls to attend workshops and be self-dependant.  So they have conducted two programs like Hour of Code and Children Go Coding.

Hour of Code is a global Mentoring and Coding workshop conducted by Here, in Nepal, WiSTEM teams have been attending the Hour of Code program in tandem with Ujyalo Foundation. It is a two days program conducted on every two months for the high school and college students of age-group 15 to 29 years to make them familiar on different programming languages like PHP, JAVA, ANDROID, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, etc. Not only this, but they also focused on how to fulfill the gap between academic knowledge and market demand, what are the problems faced by newbie’s in IT field, and how to develop the confidence on Programming language among the students.

Similarly, Children, Go Coding is the project initiated in Nepal to provide the training on Coding or Programming to the primary and secondary schools’ student of age 8 to 15 years on STEM fields and careers. They had conducted programs at Life Vision Academy, Godawari in collaboration with Children and Youth. Beside the main motto of administering this program is to develop the computational thinking and skills of kids.

I guess you know information about them, even If you need any other information, you can directly comment on this article or go to Your satisfaction is our goal.

Author: Samar Nepal