Your smartphone is something that you always want to be on wherever you go, and it’s impossible in today’s date to be still having full power in your smartphones so that you can be enjoying talking to someone, watching videos, listening to songs and playing games.
At last, you have to compromise for what percentage of charge is left on the phone. These days people use smartphones that don’t have enough battery backup to run through days. They almost die during the end of the day if they were fully charged in the morning. And when you are on an outing, you are sure to run out of power. You need to carry power banks so that you can enjoy the luxury of the phones, but it’s not always possible what if they run out of control too.
However, today’s technology is what seems to make something impossible possible that is charging your phones while you are on the go. It was expected that these kinds of technology would come sooner; however not this sooner. Imagine never again having that frantic feeling that your smartphone battery is about to die.
Now, charging a phone might be something from the past. You won’t have to wait for the phones to get loaded but also use them how much you like. What if those gadgets get powered themselves while they are on your pocket? It would be awesome right. With the advancement in technology, this image seems to come true, and it would be a big hit soon if such innovation is done. Your smartphone will be charged based on your movement, and we know we always keep moving. By converting radio waves into battery-replenishing power, smartphones equipped with individual receivers can pull energy right out of the air.
Maybe in some months, you won’t be caring about charging your phones as they will be charged when you are moving, and you needn’t worry about it as well. Wireless charging has already arrived in the market, and it’s fascinating as well but they also need something to be placed on, and those things won’t always be available though it created ease of access for not having to plug on the device to a charger.
It’s not always possible to charge the phone even when you are outdoors. Long-distance wireless charging was long thought to be too dangerous. Walk between your phone and the charger, and you were likely to get zapped. But with the radio signals in the phones, it’s going to be a lot easier. Now you won’t have to worry about getting fried in the process. Energous plans on releasing wireless chargers and phone cases in late 2016 that will let you charge your phone at a distance of up to 20 feet. Nikola Labs, however, has a different approach to the power saving process.
This lets you use the right energy your phone creates by searching for cell towers and Wi-Fi routers. They don’t charge the phone but harness the power. There are other projects too for the charging of your phone without any hassle like Ampy is a device that lets you charge itself while you are jogging, etc. The advancement is going on and on, and we are sure of one thing that there will be phones that won’t need charging in the future.