Xi Jinping, the Chinese president will visit this week. This is not critical time for his trip. The cyber conflict is reaching at a tipping point that is Beijing and Washington.

The US government is seething the cyber attack against American target which over increased the originating from China. Two nation are set to move towards the detente. In which the US may adopt retaliatory measures that can be possible for spark or flash point.

Spike in china-based  cyber attack against US.

According to the cyber espionage, it has been long for domestic industries and companies. It steal valuable secret trade and economic information.

There are number of attack which has been rising in recent year. The NSA secret document is con covered earlier which revealed in the span of five year. The Chinese hacker conducted more then 600 successful attack for government network and us cor parted china spies used mtm attack in October 2014 to spy on apple i cloud user.the attack follower similar platform to hack previously against service being offered by big player  such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo which involve in intercepting communication and impersonating  the service provider to steal their information .

The computer network US aviation companies is targeted by the Chinese hacker to steal information related to military project.

The cross hairs of state sponsored the Chinese hacker to run afoul of Beijing for the services they provided.

The massive wave of DDS attack against Git Hub pages which belongs to the organization and media banned in China. It also include overloading a website with fake traffic to prevent it from delivering services to legitimate users.

The OMP hack: the culmination of   cyber attack against US

The attack brought new climax in April, when news broke OVER the intrusion into the us office personal management which resulted the theft of sensitive and personal data of more then 20 million government employees  including employment criminal social security number and financial histories for possible fingerprint data .

The OMP hack is also known the biggest breach in us history which was carried out though the remote access Trojans RATS to obtain over targeted control computer for the use of legitimate and detecting technique OMP were severally criticized without taking the precautionary measure which prevent from attack .

US Government catches up retaliatory measure

The US traditionally responded to cyber attack through defensive and preventative measures. The daring and escalation of more breaches for the security sector which forced the US government to revise national cyber security strategy which is possible for more aggressive measures which escalation tension and spill over the other domains.

Attorney general charged five Chinese military in May 2014 with hacking and data theft changes. This was the first time in US to accused formally for another country involvement in cyber crime. US declares cyber war on China, Chinese military hackers charged with trying to steal secret from companies including nuclear energy firm.

The administration Obama has been preparing for the sanction against individual and companies in China for cyber-espionage attack against US target. The state government come into affect after Xis visit to Washington.

The cyber war of China and US has dealt with collateral damage in which the US citizen of Chinese descent were arrested on technology theft charges and espionage but it was released as the dropped charges for the suspicious unfounded.