How To Protect Yourself Against Hackers

The Internet has become like an identical part of our body. Communication, information’s finder, and financing business works are also done through the medium of the internet.

Science itself is a boon for us but its wrong usage and untidiness can sometimes lead it to imprecation, like this only, we should be cautious while using the internet facility, otherwise sometimes it can create a terrible blunder in our life.

Through internet facility, we can also do various financial transactions because of which people may keep an eye on our operations and hackers keep on practicing how to gain those finance through those online transactions every time, so they try to hack the user’s account. Because of this reason, it is imperative for us to keep our various internet-based minds safe from those hackers. For this you can go through these multiple measures:

  • Internet users use e-mail accounts for different zippy and personal purpose. This is communication’s most easy and rapid law. But, hackers use those various emails for thefts and hacking the critical information and misuse them. They can even send multiple attractive and fake messages and tries to get money from us. The U.S. State Department public e-mail system was shut down, and  Even the White House was a target of cyber-attack. Mostly these types of e-mails contain the messages like you have won a lottery, you have won the gift voucher worth millions of rupees, or it can also be like someone is about to donate the money to you or many more these types of attractive e-mails.
  • Through this, they take the information of the related person. That information includes their bank account details, financial details and many more other details needed by them for hacking. That’s why we must delete all those unwanted messages coming from unknown people; we shouldn’t trust those e-mails and do accordingly as mentioned. In some e-mails, in the form of attachments viruses are also sent. And when we open such attachments, our computer might gain such risk of sickness and also our accounts can be hacked.
  • In the world, millions of websites have been created. If most of the sites are real then, there are some websites which are fake but have real names which are made for robbing the people. With such websites and the apps of smartphones and tablets, they attack the users through the internet medium. In most of the incidents, it is found that the hackers make the fake websites of the banks and cheat the account holders of the bank. Through such counterfeit sites, they make the bank account holders log in to the website, and through that, they take the username and password of the user and hack that account and withdraw all the money from their account. So, to know whether it is the real website or fake one, we have to check the address bar of the browser on the site. If there is written HTTP before the name of the website, then it is a real website, because with that we can know it is the certified website. And in terms of apps in a smartphone, you have to check the name of the app developer. In-app store mostly, in downward of the app there is written the name of the app developer. Likewise, before installing any banking app, read the posted reviews and if you find them reasonable then only install that app. We should download the banking app only through the official App Store.
  • While doing some online banking transactions and while purchasing some goods online, we should not get in the maze of advertisement. In the ad, if the price of the products is kept much less than its actual cost is to be then, remember that they are trying to cheat on you. Producer and distributor can give some discount online, but if 80-90% discount is provided, they think that they are showing a red flag towards you. More than that, if they ask you to pay the amount before the delivery of product in such huge discounts then be sure that they are cheating. If they are not cheating and are giving goods, then those goods could have been gained from theft or robbery or against the law. If you find real and original products also while buying them ask the full proof ID of the seller.
  • Key logger is that type of software, which keeps a record of your every single click button on the keyboard. That is why cheater and hackers get to know about your account password through the medium of this software and hack your account. Pirates download such software in the computers of the cyber café and make them hidden and cut the report of the cyber café’s user. That’s why we must know whether there is critical logger software or not? Check it and until it is essential do not access to your secret accounts from the public computer.
  • Do not keep the details of your credit card on your phone. Most of the banks also warn their customers about. Likewise, if someone calls you and tell you that they are the back representative of the bank and ask you for your credit card details then also do not answer them. Because none of the banks ask their customers’ credit card and debit card details through the phone. If someone asks you like that, then they can be either cheater or hacker.