China’s WeChat app crosses 1 billion account marks

China’s most popular social media WeChat is a multi-purpose Social media application which was developed by Tencent. WeChat first released in 2011 as a first text messaging app, and by 2018 it became one of the world favorite mobile apps by monthly active users. Chinese government decision to shut out the Facebook, Twitter and other rival social media platforms have helped reach even greater heights for WeChat. WeChat can be downloaded easily from either App Store, Google Play, etc. WeChat is used everywhere in China. People are using WeChat for their daily life purpose. WeChat can found for all the platforms. The users can enjoy group chat, support voice, photo, gaming, video as well as text messages. WeChat is a messaging as well as calling app that allows the user to connect with their families and friends across countries. It is an all in one communication app. WeChat is a user-friendly app.  WeChat is still well short than Facebook’s monthly users or WhatsApp. Despite its immense popularity, China’s most famous Social Media WeChat have been struggling to add a user after hitting 1 Billion users.

“The growth of WeChat has been slowing down consistently for the last two years, “said Matthew Brennan, founder of China Channel, a WeChat-focused research firm. WeChat is struggling to add more users after hitting the impressive 1 Billion users.

WeChat has been able to do everything from booking pet-grooming appointments, for sending money to friends, etc. which has failed to attract the users in foreign markets as people can be used more precise established platforms like PayPal(PYPL) for specific needs and purposes. External users have also been wary of this app as messages can be monitored or potentially censored by the Chinese Government. So mostly the users using WeChat has been from China. Also, this app has been used by the Chinese citizens in other countries who are keeping in touch with friends, and their families research has confirmed. Besides WeChat arrived late in many countries around the world whereas Facebook, WhatsApp, and other rivals had already won over massive millions of users. Besides younger users all over the world are shifting from Facebook to Instagram a photo-sharing app as well as Snapchat app both of which has been more appealing to the younger generation than WeChat. Due to this, they have found this to be a challenge. WeChat currently has around 100 million international users.

Besides Tencent is focused on pushing the users to turn the app into more activities like gaming, payment and entertainment activities. Besides they are not worried about the addition of new users anymore.


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