Chinese company and Electricity Authority

7th April 2021, Kathmandu

An agreement has reached between the Chinese company and the electricity authority to build a charging station in Nepal.

With this agreement there will be a total of 50 charging stations will be built across the country.

On Sunday, Madan Timalsina, a spokesperson of Electricity Authority, said that an agreement has reached with a Chinese company to construct a charging station.

He said that the charging station will be constructed on the East-West Highway. The charging station that will be built in this manner will have both DC Fast and AC capabilities.

He said that the construction of these charging stations will be complete within a year. The agreement was signed on Sunday,” said Timalsina.

A charging station with a capacity of 142 kilowatts will be built. He mentioned that 15 of the 50 charging stations will be built within the Kathmandu Valley. While the remaining 35 charging stations will be built outside of the Kathmandu Valley. The charging station’s construction is expected to cost about Rs 400 million.

The NEA will send to the Electricity Regulatory Commission a plan outlining how much will be paid for charging at the charging station.

The authority is planning to charge different rates for charging at night, in the afternoon, and during peak hours.

Price of charging:

The NEA will charge Rs 4 per unit for night chargers, Rs 7/8 per unit for day chargers, and a little more for those charging during peak hours in the morning and evening.


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