Wikileaks released Leaked CIA documents

Wikileaks released Leaked CIA documents to solve malicious software for your Smartphone. An Android or iPhone, own a Smart TV or drive a connected car, chances are the U.S. government might be spying you.

WikiLeaks leaked new documents on Central Intelligence Agency, code-named “Vault 7”. WikiLeaks is the biggest platform for distribution of confidential documents. It released hundreds of documents showing CIA hacking tools. These tools can hack into phones, computers, cars, and Smart TVs.

The documents could flash the agency’s essential hacking techniques used to crack systems around the world. CNET is silent on the authentication of the material. If the content is real, it can question everyone’s privacy.

If the malicious software is real, that means it had access to data stored on our gadgets. CIA could have access to encrypted messages sent through Social Networking. Likewise, the virus can turn your smartphones and Smart Tv into listening devices. The leaks provide a note into how much access the CIA has in your private life.

FBI and the CIA

The FBI and the CIA have also refused to comment on the authenticity of the leaked documents. But, U.S. officials are conducting a criminal investigation on how WikiLeaks got those documents.

Wikileaks has updated the source code from the document to block distribution of cyber weapon. Those viruses can bypass antivirus software including Bitdefender, Comodo, and Avira. Likewise, the report also includes some codes that antivirus vendors can install to detect. The CIA surveillance operations have back-fired upon themselves.

Apple Co. Released a statement saying it had already addressed some of the vulnerabilities. “iPhone’s technology has the best data security available, and we are working to keep it that way,” it said.

Samsung’s Smart TVs and Android phones are on the radar for the threat to privacy. The documents also claimed that the CIA created malware to target devices running Microsoft Windows. The leaks suggested malware can hijack computers running on Linux.

According to the leaked documents, the Malware developed in collaboration with British spy agency, MI5.

Weeping Angel Program

The weeping angel program is a special malware. This malware is also designed to put the device in “fake off” mode. Then, the device works as a recording device that receives the conversation in the room and sends them to the CIA.

According to the documents, the CIA has figured out the technology to penetrate the vehicle control system of the car. It allows the CIA to perform an undetected assassination.

Zero-day program

A zero-day program is a computer software vulnerability. In this program, hackers exploit many holes or faults in the operating system. The CIA knew the holes in the IOS that it used to infest its malware.

A similar hack was also targeted to smartphones and tablet device that uses the Android operating system. Wikileaks also claims that the CIA has lost most of its hacking tools. This means notorious hackers can find them and use them.


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