Samsung Company announces its 2018 Tizen TV lineup

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. revealed its lineup of QLED TVs and other AV products at 2018 First Look New York event. In response to the demands of the customer, Samsung is expanding its commitment to ultra-large televisions. Samsung increased the lineup of UHD, Premium UHD, and Ultra large screen TVs. With incredible picture quality, enhanced design elements and smart capabilities. Samsung’s 2018 list of QLED TVs empowers users to enjoy content without any distractions.

The South Korean Technology giant is featuring nine series across QLED TV, Premium UHD and an Ultra-Large display range. This TV line will be available in a variety of sizes. The 2018 Models will have both flat and curved display options.

QLED TV: QLED TVs will feature enhanced contrast and color. 2018 QLED TV models will include. They are Q9F (88”, 65”, 75”), Q8F (75”, 55”, 65”), Q7C (55”, 65”), Q7F (55”, 65”, 75”) & Q6F (49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 82”).

• Premium UHD: The Premium UHD give dynamic crystal display, HDR10+ compatibility, Smart TV, and clean cable solutions. Models in the 2018 UHD TV includes NU8500 and NU8000.

• UHD: The UHD TVs will feature 4K UHD and HDR picture abilities, slim design, Smart TV capabilities and clean cable solutions. Models in 2018 UHD TVs include NU7100 (75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”, 40″) and NU7300 (65”, 55″).

Samsung’s 2018 lineup will consist of incredible features. Some of the mind-blowing features will include:

Ambient Mode

This feature enables the TV to mimic the color and pattern of the wall around it. The TV will blend to the wall like a chameleon.

Samsung’s new lineup of QLED TVs will look like a painting on the wall. The Samsung Frame TV will look like art on the wall. The frames of the TV are interchangeable. It’s designed to work for mounted TVs when the user isn’t watching a movie or any show. The primary goal of Samsung’s QLED TVs is to match interior decoration rather than looking like a blunt object on the wall.

To set up the feature, you’ll need to take a picture of the TV via Samsung SmartThings app. From there, the app will adjust color and brightness to match the pattern of TV surrounding. The user can upload their photos rather than using pre-set images.

Invisible Connection

The new One Invisible Connection is the combination of both power and AV data to a single cable. This cable is available up to 15 meters. Consumers can place their TV far from the power outlet due to its long cable.

Direct Full Array

The Q8F and Q9F TVs will deliver pristine images with stunning contrast through. Direct Full Array (DFA) technology. Direct Full Array will consist of a panel with controlled backlighting. The backlighting will adjust to deliver black and pure whites.

Audio Lineup

Samsung will feature four new audio devices to offer clear and immersive sound. These devices are set up by consumers.

HW-N950: This device consists of front-firing, up-firing, and side-firing speakers. The HW-N950 creates an incredible cinematic experience that will deliver 7.1.4 surround sound.

HW-N650: This audio device designed for gamers. The HW-N650 features acoustic beam Technology that will put a user at the center of the action.

HW-NW700: This audio device will feature a wall-mounted design that will assist QLED TVs. This device will blend into any home environment.

Samsung’s 2018 lineup of QLED TVs will be available in the stores beginning from March 2018.


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