Citroen Showroom

2nd October 2023, Kathmandu

Shangrila Motors Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Citroen vehicles in Nepal, has appointed its new dealership in Pokhara and Chitwan. SSL Motors Company Pvt. Ltd., the newly opened Pokhara showroom is located at Naya Bazar, and Ozone Motors, the newly opened Chitwan showroom is located at Bharatpur-10, Rijal Chowk. These new showrooms will showcase the Citroen eC3 and Citroen C3 vehicles.

Mr. Dilliraj Rijal, Head of Transport Management, Sawari Gandaki, and Mr. Kiran Shrestha, Assistant General Manager of Shangrila Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized dealer of Nepal for Citroen, inaugurated the Pokhara showroom on Thursday during an event. Similarly, Mr. Chun Narayan Shrestha, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industries Chitwan (CCIC), Mr. Suman Kumar Shrestha, Senior Vice President of CCIC, Mr. Narayan Adhikari, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists and Mr. Kiran Shrestha, Assistant General Manager of Shangrila Motors Pvt. Ltd., the authorized dealer of Nepal for Citroen, inaugurated the Chitwan showroom on Friday during an event.

Citroen Showroom Pokhara

Citroën, the French automotive pioneer founded by André Gustave Citroën in 1919, defines innovation and boldness. Known for their commitment to accessible innovation, starting with the Type A 10 HP in 1919, by 1927, they were the world’s fourth-largest vehicle manufacturer, producing over 50,000 vehicles annually. With over a century of heritage and 300 iconic models, Citroën remains a symbol of innovation and connection, firmly rooted in both French culture and automotive history. In 1925, using the Eiffel Tower as a distinctive billboard, they set themselves apart.

The Citroen eC3 features a 29.2kWh battery, delivering impressive performance with 42.5 KW Motor Power and torque of 143 Nm. Its unique electric powertrain ensures smooth acceleration and an exhilarating driving experience. Its design, marked by futuristic aesthetics, showcases Citroen’s commitment to innovation and aesthetics, enhancing both style and efficiency through aerodynamics. The Citroen eC3’s emission-free operation contributes to a cleaner environment, allowing customers to embrace eco-friendly mobility without compromising performance. Regarding the price, the Live variant is priced at 32.99 lakhs and the Feel variant is priced at 34.99 lakhs respectively, which makes it the most affordable EV made in India under the SUV segment.

The company has claimed that the battery life will not be affected even if charged several times with the DC fast charger. The company has given this car a battery pack warranty of 7 years or 1,40,000 Kms. Similarly, the electric motor shown in it has a warranty of 5 years or 1 lakh km.

Due to high demand, Shangrila Motors also has its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powertrain variants in Nepal. The ICE model combines cutting-edge technology and powerful performance and is priced at 36.49 Lakhs. It is available in the Feel with Vibe variant. This new release shows that Citroën is dedicated to meeting the preferences of Nepali drivers and offering great value in the car market.

Shangrila Motors has also launched a promotional scheme on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar. Under this scheme, customers can enjoy a range of exceptional benefits, including attractive cash discounts for ICE Vehicles, free road tax, and complimentary comprehensive insurance for a full year.

About Shangrila Motors

Shangrila Motors Pvt. Ltd. is a leading automotive company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the sole authorized distributor of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles from France to Nepal.

Established in 2017, It has become a prominent player in the Nepalese automotive market, offering a wide range of products and services related to automobiles. Shangrila Motors aims to be the preferred choice for customers seeking reliable and top-notch automotive solutions in Nepal.

Through its diverse range of products and services, the company continues to make a positive impact on Nepal’s automotive landscape, serving as a key player in the country’s growth and development.


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