2nd October 2023, Kathmandu

In anticipation of the upcoming festive season, Litmus Cables brings an exciting scheme “Wiring दमदार, Ghar शानदार” aiming to offer exclusive benefits to their valued customers.

Through this scheme, 5 lucky winners will get a chance to win prizes like a drill machine, rice cooker, airdrops, and smartwatch every week.

Litmus Cables

To participate in the lucky draw, customers need to spend a minimum of Rs. 35,000 on Litmus Cables, including the VAT bill (mandatory), and then send them via WhatsApp or Viber message to 9801914455 with their name, address, mobile number, and a photo of their home wired with Litmus Cable, as announced by the company.

In this exciting bumper lucky draw, get a chance to win a TV, washing machine, laptop, or mobile phone.

As per the company, this special offer will be available exclusively from Asoj 15 to Kartik 30.

About Litmus Industries Limited:

Litmus Industries Limited, Nepal’s leading cable manufacturer, has been lighting up the country and supporting industrial growth since 2035 B.S. Litmus Industries Limited, a Ramesh Corp. entity, since 2014 is the pioneer in Nepal using advanced German technology to enhance wire and cable quality.

They offer a wide range of cables for homes, industries, and control purposes. Litmus earned the NS Quality Award in 2010 for top-quality products and is the first Nepalese company with the Indian standard (IS) mark, showing its commitment to quality.

Litmus, with its modern management and dedication to quality, is set to light up Nepal for many years to come.


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