Classic Tech With New Offers 40 Mbps Of Rs. 692 Per Month

Classi -Tech- With -New Offers- Rupees -692- with- 40- mbps

Internet Service Provider Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd has started providing Internet facilities based on FTTH technology optical fiber cables. The Company claims to have 100 Gbps Fiber Backbone currently. By cooperation with Airtel and Tata, Classic Tech has brought in Internet bandwidth on their own investment from three inlets in the country.

Likewise, they have also hosted servers like Google, Facebook, Akamai, and other different servers by themselves to provide faster internet services. The report released by the company mentions that due to the self-hosting of the server and the infrastructure of the network, they can provide quality internet services to their user. Classic tech claims to be providing quality internet service to their users with the help of these hosted servers and the advanced network technology they possess.

So far, with more than 20 branches spreading in 74 districts of Nepal, Classic Tech has been providing quality services to customers with about 800 skillful manpower working for the company.

By keeping in mind, the increasing demand for internet access, the company has brought plans of 40, 50 and 65 Mbps. The company will provide 40 Mbps, Bullet-G plan to annual customers at the rate of just Rs. 692 per month.

No amount of money must be paid for installation and cable. Likewise, a 100% discount has been provided for the deposit amount as well. Besides this, the users recharging and acquiring the service with the use of Khalti Payment system will receive 5% cashback on their total payment for the service.


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