Cleer Audio Crescent

16th May 2021, Kathmandu

Cleer Crescent Audio is a striking wireless speaker with Google Assistant smarts. It stands with an architectural design and has really a luxurious finish which easily attracts the people. It has a striking bronze finish which can be used as a soundbar, and it does not have a remote. Although it is rather expensive, it also provides all the features you are paying for it. The Cleer Crescent provides a well-balanced soundstage, excellent connectivity, and Google Assistant smarts.

The Cleer Audio Crescent provides impressive and powerful performance because of the linear array of eight 40 mm full-range drivers and two backfiring 84mm woofers. The speaker comes with three different sound modes: Room Fill, Stereo Widening, and 3D mode. The most well-balanced mode to our ears is the Room Fill mode.

Speaking about the review of Cleer Audio Crescent, the Cleer Crescent proves that there is still a place for statement audio devices in the home despite a growing trend for smart speakers that blend into the background and even taking the form of a piece of furniture.

The Crescent refuses to fade into the background with a striking architectural design with a luxurious bronze finish and a luxury $699.99/ about AU$900 price tag. The users are happy to enjoy the compelling sound that lives up and its stylish good looks.

The Crescent is a wireless speaker which supports Bluetooth 4.2, Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay features. Its Bluetooth capabilities are quite basic. It offers no support for aptX, AAC, or any other advanced Bluetooth codecs. So, it performs the best via Chromecast and Airplay 2, which transmit music on your home wireless network at 2.4 or 5GHz with its Wi-Fi 5 client adapter.

The onboard controls of the speaker are located on top of the speaker. There is no power button; the speaker is always on when it is connected to AC power. Naturally, there’s a play and pause button and volume up and down buttons where one button leads you to select the source, with a dedicated LED for each source. The mic button enables and disables the microphones, which are used for Google Assistant voice control.


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