Code For Change Launches Virtual Tech Conclave

Tech Conclave

15th August 2020, Kathmandu

Code for Change has launched ‘Tech Conclave 2020’. Considering the situation in the world affected by the lockdown, a virtual tech event has been started in Nepal for the first time with the objective of providing some facilities in the field of technology. For the past few years, the Code for Change has been providing various personal and professional knowledge to the students who are pursuing their studies in connection with technology.

Tech event has started for the first time in Nepal, Code for Change has started this virtual program after it was not possible to conduct such programs in physical presence in Nepal, which is in a state of chaotic lockdown from Covid-19. The main objective of the program is to help keep the form clean and promote the projects done by various students, said NirajanChhetri, Project Head, Code for Change.

He said that the program has started from yesterday, the 30th of Shravan, and the program will continue till the 32nd of Shravan.

Yesterday’s event was attended by a number of distinguished personalities and more than 200 participants. The event focused on the state of students and universities, the use of alternative measures, and the highest use of technology, as well as how and where to start entrepreneurship. And not only that, a local and decentralized education system was also analyzed and the employment opportunities in Nepal and the relationship between technology and it were also clarified. Along with these various games like Quiz, PUBG was also played.

The program will run for an additional two (2) days and in those two days will encourage further entrepreneurship, analysis of the education system, and exploration of alternative solutions. Various projects will also be presented to promote the projects done by the students. Grand finale of Quiz championship and PUBG championship will also be played, all interested people are invited to attend the event.


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