Will be able to discover settlements on the Moon??

Professor Johann Warner is the current director of the European Space Agency. Before being the director of this organization having yearly 4.4 Billion Euro budget, he was general director of German Space Agency.

In Europe, monitoring, weather, communications, satellite flight, international scientists in the space station, Mars, Mercury, and all other functions related to the campaign of Mars planet is his responsibility.

Warner has revealed about her dreams in Europe Space Agency to BBC.

NASA also had a dream.

According to him, European Space Agency has took a step forward than International Space Station and working in another platform. “We are thinking about researching in the nearby area about micro gravity and establish a small space. In addition, there is also a proposal of making a new village far from the moon.” He said revealing her future plans.

Surprised right? It actually is the unusual thing to make settlement area in moon. Since 1960, American Space Agency NASA is also having same kind of dream. But later on, after not getting the support from political side, they left behind their dream.

Warner said the settlement in moon doesn’t mean that some houses, church, and the city will be built immediately. It will be village which will gain the support of the whole world and will develop robotic space mission and with the help of satellite which is working as the form of communication will be used to gain different kinds of things.

Keeping a clear idea on this topic, Warner said, “The far part of moon is very interesting. From there we can have all the clear information about space with the help of telescope. America is planning about going to Mars as soon as possible. When we will able to do this? Before going to Mars, this thing is needed to be applied on the moon first.

Challenges are difficult

Citing the examples, Warner said that NASA wants to make giant 3D printer wall base in Mars. European Space Agency can do this same thing in Moon.

Imagining of living in a world of space, itself is a challenge. But now, space have a distance of 4 days than the earth.

In imagination of Warner, of making village in space, Russian and Chinese Space Agency can also be linked. According to him, for this international support is also needed. Without any disturbance, any country can join this campaign. Only space can resolve all kinds of problems arising between the countries and bring the world in one place, he added. Keeping any of the country aside for the space campaign is not a good thing, saying this he added that Chinese Space Agency will not be involved in campaign and USA will take another move.

The topic of huge expenditure in Space research is been criticized. But Warner himself criticize about this. According to him, research and its practical application shouldn’t have any walls in between. Nowadays, most popular, greenhouse gas is also been the interesting topic of research and discussion has also used spacecraft, he said. And first time greenhouse gas was discovered during the campaign of Mercury planet, he added.

Though there is thinking of discovering settlements in the moon, it has just remained as thinking only.

On this topic, no one has given a proposal. None of the country and Space Agency are talking about spending money on this, and no one has given their decision about working on this topic.

But one thing is there that In terms of space research, once again the moon is coming back. Warner said, “If someone gives a special idea about this then I will be pleased.” -BBC