Coming Soon: A New Way to Use Google Chrome Tabs

Google Chrome will soon allow users to group their tabs together

17th May 2020, Kathmandu

Here is a piece of good news rolling your way! You will now soon be able to group your tabs in Google Chrome.

We have all experienced the long list of tabs on our chrome browser, have we not?

When you are at work, you might need to open many tabs for research, references, or reporting. For example, developers may need to take many references and search for how to solve specific errors.

But now, this new feature will help them group similar tabs so that there won’t be any confusion while switching through tabs. It sounds like a delightful experience, right?

In your Chrome browser, with a simple right-click, you can group your tabs. Moreover, you can use a custom name and color as a label. You can then reorder them on the tag or move them once they are all together.

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Google’s been doing its homework people. They are testing this new and handsome feature for a couple of months. Why? To give you and me a better user experience, of course. Google found out that some people like to group their Chrome tabs by topic. For instance, some users are using the tab feature under topics like “tutorials,” “articles,” and “online shopping.”

Others are grouping their tabs by how urgent they are like “urgent,” “less priority,” and “tonight.” Similarly, tab groups can be of extreme help to content creators and strategists. They can keep track of their progress like “confirmed,” “posted,” “redesign,” and “submitted.”

Chrome engineer Edward Jung himself gives us a pro tip. In his power statement, he says we can use emoji as a group name. We can use for inspiration or blog posts and “read later” items. Also, tab groups can be customized, so the user has unlimited freedom and creativity to work with.

Well, this new, colorful, and refreshing feature will make us want to play with our Chrome tabs. This feature is coming soon. So watch out!

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